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  • positive review  I first saw Julian's work during my friend’s wedding lunch 3 years ago and I was so impressed and touched by the video that I knew I wanted to engage him as my wedding vg during my wedding. When it’s my turn to get married, I contacted Julian and getting to know him personally was really nice. Julian was very personable and professional. It was very easy to engage in a conversation with him and he always takes the time to listen and provide insightful and professional advices. He even went the extra mile to recce the church that I was going to get married so that he could get good shots. My husband and I engaged Julian for a wedding highlights and full day wedding video. Julian delivered beyond our expectations and the wedding highlights was so splendidly done that we received numerous compliments and praises from our wedding guests. Everyone commented how raw, candid, professional and touching the wedding highlights was. We loved our full day wedding video as well. It was really nice to relive all our wedding memories and we are so glad Julian and his partner managed to capture the raw emotions of our family members and guests so well. It was really priceless to see some of our wedding guests reactions from the full day wedding video which my husband and I did not manage to see during our wedding. Engaging Julian as our wedding vg was definitely one of our best decisions. We are so thankful for him and now we get to relive our wedding memories for the years to come!

    thumb Phebe Lim Lixuan
    May 17, 2020
  • positive review  Got to know about Julian when he was the VG for my friend’s wedding lunch and the highlights video I saw was so amazingly well done within that short period of time. My husband and I engaged him and the whole process was simple - we just had around two meetings with him to share our expectations of the video and the actual day itinerary, then pretty much left everything in his good hands. During our own experience engaging Julian as our VG, he was nothing short of patient and dedicated as we bombarded him with lots of nitty gritty questions like what colour our bridesmaids and groomsmen should wear, where to hold our gatecrash, etc. (...couldn’t help asking cos he was just so patient and professional). He even came to visit around our HDB estate to advise on the best location for gatecrash. On the actual day, Julian and his fellow VG made the whole process feel very smooth and natural. We definitely felt like we were in good hands as Julian was very relaxed and reassuring throughout - we liked that he gave general directions without making the process feel overly orchestrated. The actual day highlights video definitely lived up to our expectations. We loved how Julian managed to capture the emotions, the tiny moments, and made it interesting by telling the story in a non-chronological order. We’ve since received lots of compliments from our friends and family. Thanks for the hard work!! 😁

    thumb Xiaoxuan Liu
    April 12, 2020
  • positive review  I’ve always believed that the most important aspect of a wedding has got to be the Photographer & Videographer. Because the photos & videos are the only tangible things that you could share & look back on ten years down the road. Also, for you to watch your own wedding from another person’s perspective. Whilst searching for my own Videographer, I made sure to watch his portfolios and see that he is capable of delivering videos the way I like it, catching smiles, laughters, true emotions, close to reality editing & the love of the couple. Oh and most importantly, non curated or directed closely! I was introduced to Julian through my cousin and took a week to search his videos and read reviews. After, I decided to contact him praying that we’d be able to get a slot for our prewed dates and actual day. Lucky for us, Julian was available and I met up with him for a brief introduction and discussion. The meet up gave me even more confidence for choosing him. I know we made the right decision already. Ever patient, ever ready, ever professional, full of ideas, very enthusiastic, wouldn’t be affected by big scorching hot sun for hours, I could really go on with the list but there’s just too many praises that I have for Julian! Through prewed shoot & actual day shooting, I was super comfortable with him, despite being super tired from wedding planning as a bride, Julian created an interactive atmosphere for us to be ourselves. Zero awkwardness. 100% enjoyable. There was never once that I felt annoyed or unhappy with Julian, and my husband was really impressed too cos he knew my standards for a videographer & Julian passed it with flying colours. I just caught our wedding video, all the memories and feelings gushed back, hair stand, tears fall, I am impressed. Super duper impressed. Very grateful to have Julian with us for our big day, grateful to have him put it into a video & allowing us to relive the day anytime we want. It was exactly how I wanted my wedding video to be like, no, it was wayyyyy better actually. I really appreciated your efforts and time spent to put it together beautifully for us. If you want to have a worry free wedding, get Julian, he’ll catch all the Candid Moments. 😉

    thumb Low Chelsie
    December 21, 2019
  • positive review  It was fate that brought us to Julian! When we first met Julian, my first impression was that he was really patient, sincere and professional! He listened attentively to what we wanted for our pre-wedding shoot & he delivered the video really quickly! He is really Efficient! 👍🏼 Apart from that, he is someone who is always looking for new ideas & is not afraid of trying! On the actual day, he was really observant of the surroundings and captured the details! Our family, friends and relatives really liked that the videos were nicely shot. 👏🏼 Some have approached me for his contact too! ☺️ Julian takes pride in his work and would always provide advices whenever we are not sure what we should do. He made us really comfortable on set. Most importantly, he is very careful and will ensure he has back-ups for all the vids he took. 😎 All in all, Julian is really passionate about his job and we were really lucky to have him as our VG for PWS and along with Yu Xian on AD. We are thankful for Julian & team and we HIGHLY recommend Candid Moments Cinematography. 🤩

    thumb Jocelyn Yang
    December 21, 2019
  • positive review  Julian went beyond professional to help my wife and I to video the highlights of the wedding. To make sure we got what we need, he made alot of effort to know us better as a couple first - each meeting felt like we were old friends catching up. The final product was way beyond what we asked for and the service provided by Julian and his team is amazing. Highly recommendable if you need one who really knows your needs and wants for videoing services. Thank YOU Julian for everything!

    thumb Vincent Tan
    December 1, 2019
  • positive review  We are very lucky to have worked with Julian. He has been very professional, accommodating and fun throughout the entire process. We loved how he captured all the beautiful moments on our wedding day and piece them together so well! We met up a few months before our wedding and talked through some ideas we enjoyed most about a wedding video. He was experienced enough to share with us what could and could not be done. He was also very accommodating to suit our needs and styles. Just a few weeks before our Big Day, he met us again and finalise with us the actual day program. He even went to recee our hotel venue and took a few shots before our actual day shoot. Julian is not just any other videographer but one who is skilled and experienced, takes pride of his work, cares for his clients, willing to go to the extra mile, and most importantly sincere and genuine. I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a professional videographer. We received a surprise, thoughtful customized gift at the end too! (:

    thumb Ci Hui
    October 14, 2019
  • positive review  It was a pleasure working with Julian. He has been professional through the entire process. He was great in his work and most importantly managed to capture the essence of what we wanted our video to have. He was easy going, adventurous and was willing to experiment with different shooting styles. Would more than highly recommend his services to anyone considering a professional videograpgher .Keep up the good work!

    thumb Nicholas Lim
    October 14, 2019
  • positive review  Julian is professional and dedicated to his work. He made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. His work turned out above expectations and we will definitely recommend his service to our friends!

    thumb April Phang
    October 14, 2019
  • positive review  Previously from Beyond pictures, I’ve worked with Julian to videograph my wedding on the actual day. He is passionate and super reliable. The end product was exactly what I’ve wanted. I would highly recommend Julian.

    thumb Jelyn Ng
    October 17, 2018
  • positive review  Highly recommended! It was a pleasant experience working with Julian! We loved how he captured beautiful moments in our wedding ceremony and how he managed to piece them together so nicely! Loved every bit of it! Plus he’s a great guy to work with! 🙂 5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Cheryl Wong
    October 16, 2018

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